IntelliStaff Work Force Solutions

Finding and retaining quality employees can seem nearly impossible to some companies. That’s where Atlas comes in. We have devoted the last two decades to understanding the human dynamic behind successful businesses. We don’t simply fill positions, we work hard to find the perfect candidate for every team.

Atlas offers several Work Force Solutions that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. Contact us to learn more!

IntelliStaff Work Force Solutions

We assess each candidate based on three key attributes:

Personality: One of the most important characteristics of a great worker is having a personality that works well with the company’s culture. When a candidate and a company are mismatched, it is hard to retain that worker in the long term, even if everything else seems to be a good fit.

Experience: We only consider highly experienced candidates for all of our clients. However, we measure experience as more than just a great resume. We look at past accomplishments and accolades as part of our process to ensure that only the most experienced candidates meet with our clients.

Education: We examine education in two ways. In the traditional manner – where did they graduate and what kind of courses did they take? And a deeper approach – what are they doing to continue learning? What are they passionate about outside of work? Do they partake in extracurricular activities?


  • Better Candidates

    We take the time and the care to hand-select the best candidates for your company
  • Faster Results

    Our systems, contacts and aggressive recruiting team quickly find quality candidates
  • Improved Quality

    Hiring only highly-skilled and well educated workers improves your team’s overall quality
  • Increased Staff Retention

    Perfectly matching each candidate with the right team results in higher retention rates

Workforce Services

  • MSP Placement Services
  • Custom Placement Services
  • Direct Hire


  • Clinical/Scientific
  • Information Technology
  • Professional Services