SmartCore® Managed Solutions

As part of the Atlas Advantage, we work with you to assess the level of service that is appropriate for your organization. Depending on your needs, we will put together a specific strategy for your business, mixing and matching our services as necessary.

We have various levels of our SmartCore® Managed Solutions, so contact us to schedule a consultation to find out what’s best for your company!

SmartCore® Managed Solutions

Administrative Managed Services

In any given industry, a typical knowledge worker spends countless hours every year doing tasks that could be completed just as effectively by lower-cost resources. This costs you valuable time and money and results in lower quality work.

For nearly two decades, Atlas has focused on the human dynamic of businesses. We are capable of analyzing your team and pinpointing areas of inefficiency. From there, our administrative managed services recapture lost time by:

  1. Identifying and documenting discretionary tasks being performed by your team
  2. Developing and training a team of lower-cost resources to execute these tasks
  3. Providing oversight and executive dashboarding to ensure accuracy, timeliness and quality of these tasks.


  • Reduced Costs

    Administrative activities are performed by a lower-cost team
  • Increased Quality

    Efficiencies gained by centralizing / standardizing the team’s functions
  • Time Savings

    Employees can spend their time doing more demanding, highly-skilled tasks
  • Increased Staff Retention

    Employees are more fulfilled because they’re doing what they love

SmartCore® Managed Solutions

Managed Communities™

Many companies experience high turnover in their consulting pool. This introduces substantial on-boarding and off-boarding costs and a loss in company knowledge when experienced consultants are replaced with new consultants.

The Managed Community™ is the ultimate answer to this problem. With Managed Communities™, we hire teams of consultants to fulfill long-term, multi-year engagements for our clients. We put together a core team of consultants who are re-utilized and shared across multiple projects. This core team is supplemented, as needed, with traditional temporary staffing to address any spikes in demand. This allows the company to avoid the expense and time lost from on-boarding and off-boarding and allows the company to retain the knowledge gained from their experienced consultants. Atlas carefully crafts each team by:

  1. Determining roles and required soft skills to match client culture
  2. Reviewing the pipeline of Portfolio Staffing Needs
  3. Partnering with the client to perform capacity and demand planning for the core team
  4. Addressing activity spikes with additional resources


  • Improved Knowledge Management

    • Consistency in project management approach
    • Increased knowledge retention
  • Financial Advantage

    • Reduced on-boarding/off-boarding costs
    • Reduced ramp up time
  • More Effective Demand Planning

    • Model addresses fluctuating demand
    • Improved alignment between demand and PMO capacity